The deep well system forms a large number of bored wells in the site area where the water is excavated by submersible pumps. Whenever the water is pumped out it creates a dry patch in the well making it level and creates a cone of depression or drawdown around itself.

There can be multiple wells which can lower the groundwater level over a wide area beneath an excavation. Since this method does not use a suction principle, large drawdowns can be achieved, limited only by the depth of the wells, and the hydrogeological conditions. Such systems are more powerful for a wider area with optimal numbers of wells and pumps.

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There are a few set of predetermined best practises for making a proper dewatering site and getting the optimum results from the site. Given are the points which are the modus operandi followed by our company.

  • Identifying Bore point Location.
  • Drilling of bore wells.
  • Inserting PVC Slotted pipes in bore Holes.
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Acid Fracturing
  • Refining and chemical

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